April 2020 Newsletter

  • Let's start off with some lovely pictures of a guitar to distract us from other news.
  • Chris Difford's guitar stranded
  • Music delivered to your home.
  • Elliott Morris
  • John Smith. Live in Chester
  • Adam Palma
  • Gordon Giltrap
  • The Work of Angels. Gordon's Charity Single to raise money for the NHS
  • Billy Watman, accompanied by Brian May
  • Will Mcnicol
  • Troy Donockley
  • The Bucknalls in Lockdown
Let's start off with some lovely pictures of a guitar to distract us from other news.
An Ariel, with back and sides from Macassar Ebony, a Sinker Redwood soundboard, Mahogany neck with an Ebony centre section and "Rocklite Sundari" bindings with red borders.  

This guitar is due to go to New York. We have sent three instruments to the USA in the last few weeks, and each delivery has been quick and easy, but the situation in New York is so uncertain that the customer and me have decided to hold on for a while. The poor guitar is in a dark, dark case, in a dark, dark box, in a dark, dark corner of the workshop. This was supposed to cheer me up, I'll stop.

  • Macassar Ebony Ariel
  • ariel1
  • ariel3
  • ariel2
  • ariel4
  • ariel5

Chris Difford's guitar stranded
  • Chris Difford's Guitar
  • Chris Difford 1-LC0A4547
  • Chris Difford 4-LC0A4556
  • Chris Difford 2-LC0A4550
  • Chris Difford 5-LC0A4560
  • Chris Difford 3-LC0A4551
Chris Difford 1-LC0A4547
A similar story

Chris was preparing to tour the US using his new guitar, but the tours were cancelled, and his guitar is stranded, it is in storage in New York. I wonder if the two guitars will ever meet to discuss their personal lockdown.

Chris's Site

Music delivered to your home
These new pages are helping bored, demotivated musicians to get their music out there, and even earn a little money.

The recent "Folk on Foot" online raised over £100,000 for charity and the musicians involved. It's a powerful tool, so if you know of any "streaming" events that have even a vague connection with Fylde, or at least are highly entertaining, please do send me the link and the information, I'll try and include it.

Elliott Morris
This is what live streaming looks like, I think we featured this at the time, but I am getting a bit confused, it's my age.

View here

Elliott and I had a discussion about haircuts when I saw this. And chin cuts. Have you ever seen a bass drum foot pedal and a bicycle brake cable linked up to a harmonium before? You have now.

Elliott also has an excellent video recorded at a festival in Italy where he won the ‘best music’ award. I'll be showing that soon, stories are queuing up.

Elliott's website

John Smith. Live in Chester
Always one to turn a negative into a positive, John has brought forward the release of a new album and organised a series of streamed shows from his living room, all timed to coincide with various time zones world-wide.

"The tour is very environmentally friendly. I can walk straight to bed after each show via the fridge."

I received my copy of the album today; it is splendid in every way. Johns outstanding voice and guitar playing and exceptional recorded sound, with the added reality of a live recording and audience reaction, including the "encores". It could be a "Greatest Hits”, it's all there.

And here is John singing about NOT being on the road

Adam Palma
This is hard. Adam is seriously ill in hospital with COVID 19.

I spoke to him just the day before he was admitted, and at the time he felt he was recovering but obviously that wasn't so. We are in touch with his family, and I will keep you informed.

It's difficult to choose a track in this situation.

We had met a few times but made the "big connection" at a place called Rheged. Adam wrote this track after that meeting.

Adam's style has changed enormously since he started playing Fylde guitars, we have become good friends and he is a huge ambassador for us. Please send him all those things that you believe in.

Lots and lots of Love Adam and family.

Adam's website

Gordon Giltrap
Gordon with the new mini guitar that I showed in the last newsletter. He has already bonded with it and has massive plans.  

Gordon has a new album that I will talk about in the next newsletter.

Gordon's website

In the meantime...

The Work of Angels. Gordon's Charity Single to raise money for the NHS

Mirror Noir Records of Malvern is proud to be releasing "The Work of Angels" by Gordon Giltrap and Paul Ward on April 2nd, 2020.

This single will raise much needed funds for The University Hospitals Birmingham Charity with the proceeds directly reaching the charity itself. 

Please support our wonderful NHS during this difficult time by clicking on the link here:

Billy Watman, accompanied by Brian May

Our friends Giulio and Giulia from Sangiradi and Cavicchi  (Sangiradi and Cavicchi website ) told me about this, even before Billy could tell me.

What a great project. I think Brian put the idea out there, and it's up to individual musicians whether to take up the challenge.

Brian posted the video on his twitter account!

Well done Billy 

Billy's website

Will Mcnicol

I was writing a piece about Will playing six guitars all at the same time, when he sent me this one, so I'm going with this instead. You'll have to wait for the six guitars.

Will was inspired to write the tune by a children’s hospice paying a peppercorn rent to their landlord. The rent- a dozen red roses. The arrangement is by Innes Watson.
Here is the story. 

There is a link for fundraising, with many options to assist you. Personally, I rather like the idea of stickers!!

Innes and Innotet

Troy Donockley

Otherwise currently known as Tempest Quarantino. If you want to know how that works: my pet name for Troy is "Captain Troy", as in Troy Tempest from Stingray. His pet name for me has usually been "Sheriff”, now reduced to "Shezza", I don’t know why. The Quarantino part - well, it's not hard to work out is it?

When you watch this, take a quick look at the number of views, It was 364,000 when I wrote this. Such is the power of “Symphonic Metal"

Now, if this next video achieves the same popularity, I will be very pleased. You might have to wait until the correct video loads. Link to video

The Bucknalls in Lockdown

I'm going to lighten up a little now. 

You don't believe this is actually us, do you?  It's amazing what they can do with photoshop nowadays, and CGI. 

My feet hurt. Moira has twisted her ankle.

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