Wood Sweat and Tears (Extended ... Again) - eBook edition

I wrote the first “Wood Sweat and Tears” in 2013, and every year there has been more to add. Another printed book would be huge, and expensive. But - technology came to the rescue: we could offer a downloadable e-book and offer it at a very affordable cost. 

Even in digital format, it is too big for one volume. So, we have split it into two volumes; full of photographs of the artists and their instruments, stories about the friendships and adventures, the guitars, the tonewoods, workshop, tools, designs, developments and methods. The ups and downs of making a living with your hands, the disasters and triumphs and of course, the people, the craftsmanship and the music.  Altogether, 400 pages, with 800 photographs. Massive, huge, wonderful.

£5.99 (inc VAT) for each volume. There are two volumes.

This is NOT a printed book, you will need to download it to a suitable “device”- a PC, Mac, iPad, Android Machine etc with the appropriate software, exactly like any digital book. A kindle will work but is probably too small to view the high-resolution photographs properly.   

If you don’t understand this process, please consult somebody who does - NOT ME, I’m too old, my computer has a candle inside.

If you use an Apple device and do not have the free Apple iBooks app, you'll need to install it before downloading your book. If you use any other device the books are available as either a KF8 file (.mobi), viewable on Kindle devices and reader apps, and an EPUB3 file (.epub), viewable on Android devices. You can also view it in desktop applications. Keep in mind you may need to install a reader app on your device to view your book. 

Volume 1: Wood Sweat and Tears (Extended ... Again)

This is the third attempt at writing down my own history of guitar making. Lots has happened since the “extended” edition of this book was published, plus we have made more guitars, met new players and of course, bought more wood. There is a lot more to say.


Volume 2: Wood Sweat and Tears (Extended ... Again)

My path is sometimes different to other makers and for the first time this book begins to explain the way we work here at Fylde, with rather more information about the tools and techniques involved than I’ve ever explained before. We are approaching 10,000 instruments now, and I am conscious of time passing but I’m still thinking and developing and I’ve no plans to stop!


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