Newsletter Christmas 2020

  • Tristan Seume, It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
  • Megan Henwood, Every Age
  • Will McNicol, Let it Snow
  • Dave Bronze, Silent Night
  • Ben Robertson, Somerset Wassail
  • Troy Donockley. The Boars Head
  • Megan Henwood, Walking in the Air
  • Adam Palma, Merry Christmas, Sleigh Ride.
  • David Holmes. The Coventry Carol
  • Clive Carroll, Merry Christmas with Bells and Banjo's
  • And A Merry Christmas from us !
The Fylde Guitars Christmas Carol Concert

Our garden early on 3rd December. The snow didn't last very long. So here we are - the beginning of the end of 2020. Can't say I'm sorry see it go in many ways.

I thought I would ask a few friends if they would contribute something by way of an online concert, expecting perhaps one or two responses, but it sort of "snowballed". And that might be your last joke of 2020.

Get a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, sit down and enjoy.

Tristan Seume: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We can always rely on Tris to produce an appropriate melody to start things off. If you want to learn this piece, you’ll need the whole holiday to practice. Best of luck.

Tristan's website

Megan Henwood, Every Age

Megan’s new song  just missed out Christmas newsletter, but one advantage of  this way of doing things is that we can add things to it whenever we want!  Megan is playing her special, Custom Built, “Secret Tenor”.  Secret because she didn’t  know she was getting it, but everyone else did! 

Of course, Megan is now in the  newsletter twice, which is no less than she deserves.

Megan's Website

Will McNicol: Let it Snow

A Christmas Jumper but without a face. It is Will though, I promise, I recognise his fingers. All forty of them, on all four of his Fyldes.

Will's Website

Dave Bronze, Silent Night

Dave spends his working life playing bass for Eric Clapton and Tom Jones, amongst others. I asked him for an acoustic bass guitar solo, but I didn't expect the generous comments at the beginning. I'm not going to take them out though, thanks Dave.

About Dave Bronze

Ben Robertson: Somerset Wassail

Ben has two Oberons, this is the "new" one.

"It's not specifically a Christmas song but in my defence I am wearing a Santa hat" ... Ben

"All over Europe in the uneasy gloom of midwinter, strong lads went through the villages from door to door, singing good-luck wishes and getting a reward, a drink, a bite to eat, a little money even. For this ceremonial moment, countryfolk went to the door in their finery, hence the reference to “silverheaded pins” and such. Versions of the ancient tune are known all across Europe to the shores of the Black Sea, nearly always associated with luck-visit songs." - A. L. Lloyd

Ben's Website

Troy Donockley: The Boar's Head

My good friend Troy is badly missing his usual tours with Barbara Dickson and Nightwish. I was half expecting a heavy metal version, complete with fireworks and Lasers. Troy is playing his old Oberon which didn't have a cutaway until we "added" it last year.

Troy's Website

Megan Henwood, Walking in the Air

I think I might have used this before, never mind, I'm using it again, it's lovely. Megan is a super talent. The guitar is her favourite " Coco" made from Purpleheart and Whisky wood!

Megan's Website

Adam Palma: Merry Christmas, Sleigh Ride.

Typical Adam, where everyone else is playing slow and soulful, off he goes full throttle and jazzes everything up. Well done Adam.

Adam's Website

David Holmes: The Coventry Carol

We last saw Dave on lead guitar with the "Tina Turner" musical in London, it seems such a long time ago. That part of the music industry has shut down completely and hasn't received any support, so Dave was really pleased to be asked to do this.

Dave's Website

Clive Carroll: Merry Christmas with Bells and Banjo's

I didn't ask Clive to record this one, it's 100% his own fault! He is playing his "Ken Nicol" signature guitar, and his Signature Touchstone mandolin which I think he tunes like a guitar. I must ask him.

The single is available now. It's 99p...
Please leave a festive review! 
I’m not sure it’s going to be a Christmas No.1 but if you want  to help push it in that direction, thank you in advance!  I am so grateful to Slade, Queen Music (especially Brian May), and Sony ATV for giving me permission to release the track. Clive

Clive's Website

And, it's a Merry Christmas from us !

Just for all you special people whom appreciate these silly emails: yes, I know it's not the best picture, I had to set the timer, stop the camera wobbling, run down stairs, turn three corners, take a breath, pose and smile. You should have seen the earlier attempts.

We had a debate over "Happy Christmas" or "Bah Humbug". I'm not saying who won and yes, I do have a lot of Ebony bridge blanks.

Well, that's it for 2020, it has been very hard for lots of people, and it will be hard for a while yet. Perhaps music is even more important than ever, we'll do our best to keep it coming one way or another.

Have a great time, in a limited, careful way, see you in 2021

Roger, Moira, Alex and Paul

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