John Hobson and Howard Lees are offering you a free download of their album "Hand Made". If you are feeling generous you can donate to their chosen charity by clicking the donate button.

In the early 1980’s I spent a lot of time travelling with Howard and John. There wasn’t a lot of instrumental guitar music around at the time and they were a breath of fresh air, and very funny. They could easily have become professional; but they each had a successful “proper job”. In fact, they still do.

They are offering a free download of their “Handmade” album from 1986, with the option of making a donation to charity. I recommend you to do both - download the album, and make a donation. Please.

The album cover is a carving of a hand, my hand in fact, hand carved by my own hands. A handmade hand.

You can even download the sleeve note - click here.

Feeling generous?

You may be listening from the future where Coronavirus is a distant memory, but here in May 2020 the world is in lockdown and musicians are in tough times as a consequence. We recommend the PRS Members' Fund on this URL: Thank you.

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