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Not identical twins, but they have many features in common. Born at the same time, to the same parents, ideally would not be separated, but as long as they go to loving homes, and are allowed to write to each other, send birthday cards etc, then separate applications will be considered.

A Touchstone Mandolin, and a Tenor Ukulele, both made with Mopani back and sides, Sinker Redwood top, and reclaimed mahogany for the necks, with red lines bordering the ebony neck laminations. Macassar Ebony bindings with red borders, Black Ebony fingerboards.

Mopani is a South African timber, very hard and dense, and a little too heavy for a larger instrument, but it does provide a very solid structure for smaller instruments. Both these instruments have a strong, pure tone and attracted a lot of interest at Ullapool

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