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Ryan O'Donnell's Guitar

Ryan O’Donnell trained in Animation, then had a few odd jobs for a while, just tiny little things like performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Who’s Quadraphenia, and recording “Matthew and Son” with Cat Stevens (Yusef). Nothing much. Then he decided to take things more seriously and landed a job with Jethro Tull. 

His job description is now something like “Vocals, mime and general stage tomfoolery” for Ian Anderson. So of course he needed a new guitar, and it wasn’t going to be an ordinary one.

I did have to restrain him here and there, but I think the end result is still quite dramatic.  It’s an Alchemist, with extraordinary Claro Walnut back and sides and a creamy red Sinker Redwood top. The sunburst isn’t paint or stain, its been done with a blow lamp - very carefully!! Maybe the only guitar you have seen with actual  “flame” figuring.

Ryan wanted a rose inlay and didn’t mind how I did it. Just four pieces of pearl, and a little engraving, it’s simple but quite effective.

It’s a Miranda Hart - Such Fun!

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