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That’s what the customer calls it anyway. It’s a mandolin scale, with an extra bass C string, on a small guitar styled body to manipulate the tone and physical balance. It took a lot of discussion and several wooden “mock ups” to get it to look right. I was very happy with the result, but even more pleased when I heard back from the client.

“I’ve never had an instrument as aesthetically pleasing as this one - I dared not hope for as warm and honeyed a sound as I can get from this, particularly on the lower strings. It glows.”

So that’s ok then.

Apart from the 5 strings and the overall size, the customer was intent on figured Walnut with blue lines, and the larger body was helped by adding a suitable bevel just where the right arm would catch the corner. There are many shapes and techniques which can be used for such a feature, I'm hoping to work my way through all of them, given enough time and “suitable” customers.

The neck is laminated with Mahogany, Rosewood and Walnut with blue lines to match everything else. The top is Sinker Redwood with Rosewood trim, a strange little thing but very sweet, and SO comfortable to hold.

It was a pleasure to build, not easy, but such a lovely size to handle and to have on the bench

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