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Nordic Mandola

So you thought the fan fret was a bit odd? This idea is not new, but it does take a little effort to get to grips with. The basic concept is to have a variety of open bass notes available without retuning. Individual pinpoint capos screw into the fret board to hold the strings down as required, and the extended scale of the two bottom courses adds more possibilities while keeping the higher strings within reach.

These instruments are more common in Scandinavian countries, and the capo idea comes from Christer Adin. This Mandola now lives in the Scandinavian City of Edinburgh.  

This is probably best described as a 10-string multi scale Mandola. Based on the Signature Arch Top Bouzouki body, but with a larger soundhole more of a Mandola than a cittern.

It has been a great opportunity for weird photographs.

Red Spaceships about to take off from the deck of the SS Multiscale. 

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