• Bevelled, scooped, swerved 12 string for Henry Olsen
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Bevelled, scooped, swerved 12 string for Henry Olsen

An extraordinary design, deliberately so to fulfil Henry's "wide" sense of ascetics. It's an Ariel body, made from Pink Ivory with a Sinker Redwood top. Bindings, bevel, and "scoop" made from Olive wood, which was all a bit of an adventure!

Fan frets and 12 strings on a Claro Walnut neck, laminated with Ebony and red lines. The headstock is built on two levels to accommodate the slanted nut, plus some little features just because I wanted to have a little fun.

I carved out a deep "thumb rest" on the heel which turns out to be amazingly comfortable and allows a slightly different strap pin position. I think I'll call it the Bucknall Swerve. Won't be the first time those words have been used, but not for the same reason.

Henry says it is "absolutely astonishing"

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