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Harp Ukulele

Making instruments isn’t all fun and games, but this is the sort of thing that makes the dust and the endless emails worthwhile.  It’s simple in many ways, and a lovely size to work with, but with a number of design decisions to make it all “work”, mostly about string spacing and access to all those tuners. The extra thinking and planning makes it much more enjoyable for me, and a little light relief in many ways.

Rosewood still tries to kill me, but if I use lots of drugs, gloves and dust masks I seem to survive

Indian Rosewood and Sinker Redwood, with a Claro Walnut neck. Red lines at just about every border.

It's a low G Ukulele, with six extra bass strings, A B C D E F, so there shouldn't be any restriction in choice of key.

It has been received well: "… captured all my requirements and exceeded them ... yet another masterpiece of Fylde luthery ... "

My favourite phrase coming up – "so that’s alright then", and I do hope to hear it being played one day.

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