• Gordon Giltrap's Fanfret 12-string
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Gordon Giltrap's Fanfret 12-string

Some years ago, Gordon featured the 12 string guitar as a big part of his recording and performance, but other commitments and lack of a suitable instrument have pushed the 12 string down his list of priorities. Various conversations with me inspired him to commission a new guitar, which would accommodate his unique playing style and use of low tunings. I have made many guitars for Gordon, each marking significant parts of Gordons career, and this time wanted to make something a little special.

On the standard 6 or 12 string guitar, the top and bottom strings are almost at the limits of tensions for their appropriate notes. By “fanning” the frets to meet the “swing” of the left hand up and down the neck, the resulting changes in tension and gauges of the strings helps to produce clearer notes and more accurate intonation, particularly useful when there are 12 strings involved!

Gordon asked for something special in the timbers, so I used Macassar Ebony for the back and sides and, also, the whole neck! The soundboard is Englemann Spruce, supported by an unusual but very successful bracing. The neck and head are hollowed out to a thin shell with Mahogany inserts to reduce weight. Gordon is overwhelmed and I am quietly pleased.

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