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Custom Bouzouki

This was one of those projects where we knew the objective, but money was the obstacle. (Isn’t it always?) The customer was desperate to have a Bouzouki made from Rio and Sitka, but could not find enough cash! I spent a while in my favourite pastime, sorting through piles of wood, and found just the right pieces. Cutting high value timber always produces a lot of “under size”, and I get the best materials by accepting that fact. On this occasion it worked in my favour (and the customers). I found some nice Rio Rosewood that could never be big enough for a guitar, and would cut into a Bouzouki shape with no significant waste. Then I managed the same trick with some highly figured Sitka Spruce, The border-line between fault and figure is often a little unfair on the unfortunate tree, but this time I cut out the fault and kept the figure, it all worked out very well indeed.

A laminated neck, curly Koa bindings and “staircase” black and white purflings completed the task. The sound is strong and clear, one step up the ladder from Indian Rosewood.

The customer now owns 14 Fylde instruments (actually that is between him and a close relative, but I am still impressed).

Now come on, someone must want to beat that.

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