• Billy Watman's Guitar
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Billy Watman's Guitar

Billy was a grand finalist in Sky TV’s "Guitar Star" in 2016, at the tender age of 15. I met him at Ullapool last year and we got along very well. Guess what happened?

Billy was very impressed by the sound of Will McNicol's guitar, so this one is very similar, with some individual features, including his signature inlaid in silver wire. I suppose I might have to inlay Will's guitar now to stop any jealousy.

Billy's first gig after receiving the guitar was at the Beacon festival, and not being short in confidence, he used the brand-new instrument for the whole set, despite there being a bit of a party going on in the wings. (Festival organisers take note).

Billy has been busking at the Edinburgh fringe since he was eight years old, and is now studying music full time, fitting in festivals and gigs where he can. Now at the ripe old age of 17, it's going to be fun watching him develop from such a strong start.

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