Malaysian Blackwood Falstaff

At last! It isn’t easy to find the time to make these in amongst the standard orders, but I do enjoy it, and the results are always worth the wait.

The recent change in Rosewood regulation means that other timbers will come under pressure in their turn. Malaysian Blackwood is certainly one - it isn’t quite like any other timber, having some of the physical and tonal character of Rosewood, African Blackwood, and Macassar Ebony all put together, sort of an “Alloy” of those three timbers. As usual, describing tone in words is just about impossible. It’s a big sound, dark, strong, plenty of headroom, plenty of everything actually, and it certainly looks the part.

The soundboard is fine grain figured Sitka Spruce. Mahogany neck laminated with ebony and walnut. Black Rocklite bindings 45mm neck